A leader in events marketing automation our mission
is to help people promote and find events.


To empower people, event organisers and venues of all sizes to manage and promote events data across their websites, mobile apps, internal systems, email, sms and the industry’s largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, ticketing, blogs, apps, social networks, directories and search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo from one simple platform.


Millions of events are manually submitted via multiple marketing platforms to thousands of media channels yet these still fail to market an event successfully.
  • Fragmented industry
  • 1000’s of publishers & 100’s of services available
  • Fickle, multi-channel consumers
  • Ineffective & complicated tools
  • Time-consuming & not cost effective
  • With limited reporting on what’s delivering value
On-demand event marketing platform connected to the world’s best event marketing services creating event success from a single event submission.
  • Consolidation of tools
  • Multichannel delivery
  • Simple & Intuitive to use
  • Affordable & transactional
  • End to end accountability
  • Customer feedback loop to development
One of the leading enterprise events listings aggregators bringing standardization to the listing industry.


We currently employ 10 full-time members of staff based out of London. We also operate a senior management team, technology team, advisors and board which drives the business.

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The online event marketing industry is fragmented, more than 4500+ global event listing websites handle over 4.4 billion events every year. All of them are competing for customer attention and each has their own specific event submission formats, making it difficult for organisers to effectively reach their target online audience. There’s a $10 Billion Market Opportunity out there and we in a prime position to capitalise on it.

  • $500m being spent on events and conference annually.
  • $58bn total addressable market p.a
  • $17bn being spent by English speakers on events market.
Bellwether: Event Marketing Continues to Top Marketing Growth

The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising’s (IPA) Bellwether report reveals that event marketing budgets rose by 9.9% in the third quarter of 2016.

The IPA’s quarterly survey of marketing spend has now registered growth in event marketing spend for the 12th successive quarter. Events remain the strongest sector posting growth, followed by internet spend and direct marketing.

Marketing budgets themselves have been revised up in Q3 2016 to the highest rate in over two years with an ad spend forecast for 2016 revised up to 1.9% against a previous rate of -0.2%, as marketers remain cautious in the face of continued Brexit uncertainty.  more

Vertical Learning


A single, intuitive, transactional add event form technology that allows event organisers to publish their event to a broad range of listing sites with one submission. It’s fast, easy to use and comprehensive, giving organisers the tools needed to reach as wide an online presence as possible and track the impact across multiple channels from one platform.

evvnt is ensuring the world’s 4.4 billion events are easily discovered to drive face-to-face and digital interactions that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic and increase registrations and ticket sales.

“The number one choice for creating buzz around events, the service saved on time, human resource and also gave us the results we needed quickly.” James Wight – Global Marketing Director – UBM


Whilst in New York for the recent launch of the partnership with Yext, Richard Green the CEO & Founder of evvnt was interviewed by Stephen Stanczak Founder, MarTech Wiz. Here Richard talks about the strategic plans for evvnt and his views on how evvnt fits into the event marketing technology ecosystem.

Legal Disclaimer – This podcast includes forward thinking statements

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We are responsible for creating 2.6m listings, promoting 137k events on behalf of 24k customers in 139 countries worldwide, that’s 72% of the world… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

2018 £7.6m / $9.96m valuation – Expansion in to the USA

As we focus on the USA for 2018, we are looking to work with the top 25 News Publishers across the USA targeting the 3000 local news sites containing events.

The company has achieved revenues of $1.2m with gross margins of 89%.

2017 £7.6m / $9.96m valuation

As we look ahead to 2017, we are looking for strategic investment to access the US market and scale the business to a $100m valued company within 4 years.

2016 £1m revenues, 20k customers, close to profitability

Partnerships, integrations and global sales expansion with technology being built alongside the market needs. We launched a new suite of API, plugin and publisher tools to open up more opportunities in the market.

2015 Third seed investment into new products & features

Valuation at £5.6m, third seed investment of £250k with the year ahead focused on core business growth and acquisition of two companies for their internal assets and teams.

2014 Second seed investment to grow sales

Valuation at £3m, second seed investment of £250k with the year ahead focused on core business growth and acquisition of two companies for their staff.

2013 First investment to improve technology

Valuation of £1m and first seed investment raise of £225k enabled us to put an internal technology team together and expand our local sales team.

2012 evvnt launches in the UK

Go live with our first minimal viable product and start to move clients from our manual service to our technology platform, open our first London office on Great Titchfield Street, Central London, UK.

“Time sensitive content such as events are fast becoming a key differentiator in the local information race, and evvnt is well placed to make a major impact in this exciting space.” James Moore – SVP of Global Partnerships at Web.com


We intend to focus the raise on a growth strategy targeting on news/media partnerships in the US and lastly double down on the technology to create registration/ticketing integration accountability.

  • Increase technical leadership.
  • Focus on User Experience.
  • Marketing accountability.
  • Scale & Retention


We will be focusing the investment in 5 key areas

  1. Development
  2. Marketing
  3. Registration & Ticketing Integrations
  4. Event Discovery
  5. Second Sales Team in the USA

    • I acknowledge I am aware that the proposed investment is at risk of a capital loss up to its entirety and that the proposed investment represents a liquidity risk since is not always possible to sell the financial instruments that are associated with it at the desired time, for part or all of the initial investment.
    •  This investment, combined with my other investments in young unlisted companies or other means, is less than 10% of my total portfolio. I also declare that evvnt Ltd didn’t provide, directly or indirectly, any advice related in any way to the proposed investment.